Every year, it was doing a sailboat classroom to the U.S. army air base in Iwakuni. I had brought my doughter there, I rearized the da American children same age with my doughtew are so sexy
,compering with my doughter , she is like a baby.

Green cup which continued for 8 years until 1985
The race guide which is excellent as those days, Mr. Tadami Takahashi had to have provided an illustration balmily

Pied Piper & Tarantella 2/3

I could meeting with Mr.T. Tsuda thanks to the shop and perticipated to the Hawai to Hiroshima sailboat race, We went to Tanegashima on the New Year 34 ft of the Mr.Tsuda own built because of the ocean sailing experience
, He built a 30 ft trimaran after this
.Together, Mr. Sasaki who plans to participate, too, can not go to Hawaii regrettably in the relation of the work .
Now, he stay in Nagoya but in France, it is the schedule of the participation


I opened Marine shop "PIED PIPER 1988. Because I was buying the parts of the sailboat every time it makes a business trip to Tokyo and Osaka, I thought may it inTokuyama too, The name of this shop became the name of X-1 tonner

It is a playground like the toy box of the wife.

The place is Tokuyama City Kawahigashi-machi.

The 4th.were Holland 1/2, Nicolson.
30.1986 In the cold New Year, We went to the race of Hatsuyume in Matsuyama.
We were young .

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