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Pied Piper & Tarantella

Pied Piper 5 in Hawai

I bought X-1 tonner 1989 , and it ended Hawaii[ Hiroshima race.
the member increased and we went around Corum cup, the Kaji cup, the orange cup, Toba Pearl, the Awa odori race, I am often gone many places for sailing.
but probably said to that would I'm a poorest owner of 40 ft racer of One tonner in the world .
Completely, it was true.

Pied Piper@and crew menber

1999,Japan-Korea Oceam yacht race
Picture is Manzeki in Tsusima where opened to prparation for War of Japan-Russia

Sailboat harber in Pusan

1st. Race is Fukuoka/japan to Tsusima Island
2 nd Race is Pusan in Korea
3rd. Race is from Pusan to Fukuoka

Pusan race

Mr. Noma trimming spinnaker, he drunk 10 cans beer and he said "please give me another one"

Pusan Korea to Fukuoka Japan Ocean RaceA
Beginning we were good position . when I made dissision to change Jib sail from No.2 to No.3, suddenly main sail fall down.
We sail to Fukuoka only Jib sail.

Sail boat harber in Tokuyama

SKK Cup ‚Q‚O‚O‚P
We entried to Race class, but only Pied Piper made sound "push, push" which open beer can.

rost pork

Fleet captain Mr.Nagaura

Mr. Nagaura married and his wedding ceremony.

Green Yamato Marina

Named Seven KITTO
mooring in Green Yamato Marina

OK! We can do sailing anytime..
We should play sailing without beer.
but nobody listen.
nochoice, I drink beer also.
Wedding ceremony of my doughter.
They made plan for there wedding ceremony themselves. It was fun and heartwarming ceremony.

They never ask money for ceremony,

Last voyage of Pied Piper 5 on 27, October 2001 with my wife

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